Chapter Leadership

Elise Horbach

Chapter President

Hello! My name is Elise Horbach and I am Chapter President of Tri Delta. A couple things about me include that I am a nursing major, and I am from Rolling Meadows. Becoming president has been a goal of mine for a while, and I am so grateful for this opportunity this year!

Natalia Hrehorowicz

Vice President of Community Relations

Hey I’m Natalia and I’m from Aurora, IL and I’m a Junior at ISU. I am studying Marketing and planning to minor in Public Relations. I am super excited to begin my journey as VP of Community Relations for Tri Delta. I can not wait to see what I, as well as my sorority, will create! The reason why this position captured my attention is because I believe that I am capable of being a strong, positive leader while also taking the opportunity to further my knowledge about my sisters and Tri Delta’s goals.

Kristina Hammerstrong

Vice President of Member Experience

I’m Kristina, a Sophomore from Arlington Heights majoring in Communications Studies. Coming into Tri Delta, I knew I wanted to hold a big leadership role. I am super passionate about bettering out chapter and getting out name out there onto the ISU campus. I was so excited when I was offered the position if VP of Member Experience. The idea that I can help recruit women with similar values to us who are also looking to grow into leaders and strong women is so exciting to me! I cannot wait to see what this next year holds.

Riley Housinger

Director of Philanthropy

I am from Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, and I went to Stevenson High School. My major is elementary education and I am very excited to be Director of Philanthropy! I am very passionate about St. Jude, which is ultimately what led me to wanting this position, and I cannot wait to help the children of St. Jude in any way possible.

Taylor Soreghen

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

My name is Taylor Soreghen and I go to Illinois State University. I'm 21 years old and I'm from Saint Charles, Illinois. I'm majoring in public relations with a minor in sociology and after graduation I hope to move to Chicago to start a degree in social media management. In my free time I enjoy being around my friends, walking my dog, and eating Chipotle!

Lauren Birmingham

Director of Academic Excellence

My name is Lauren Birmingham. I am from Oak Lawn, Illinois. I am a sophomore nursing major. My academics are very important to me so I am happy to be taking on this role and involvement in our chapter’s academics. I look forward to implementing new ideas and helping others in their studies.

Sarah Patton

Director of Social Events

Hi! I'm Sarah Patton and I am a special education major. I grew up in Brookfield, IL but I moved to Carol Stream, IL during high school. My whole family has been super involved in greek life so growing up I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in and lead in some type of way. My freshman year I served as assistant social chair and after learning about the position and event planning during my time as assistant I felt ready and comfortable to take on the position of Director of Social Events! I'm so ready to start this term and work with my chairmen to create some fun and memorable events for our chapter!

Caroline Raupp

Director of Lifetime Membership

I am from Arlington Heights! I am an Elementary Education major! I wanted to have this position because I really enjoy the responsibilities that come with this position. I am really excited to plan sisterhoods and events for Alumni! I am excited to see myself grow through this leadership position!

Raigen Baker

Director of Financial Operations

I am from Brighton, IL and I am hoping to change my major to psychology and minor in business/finance. I have had experience in other clubs where I helped with the financial operations and I enjoy working with others on teams to get tasks completed. I really wanted an officer position to gain more relationships with other members and gain real experience working with others for future jobs!

Maggie Cshia

Director of Administration

I am a freshman at Illinois State University from Gurnee, IL and I am majoring in Middle Level Education: Social Sciences. I wanted to take on this position to grow as a person. Leadership positions have always helped me break out of my shell and embrace myself as a woman. I also really wanted the chance to contribute to Tri Delta as much as I could because it has already given me amazing opportunities! I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life and with my sisters at Tri Delta!

Sophie Fitzgerald

Director of Risk Management and Wellness

Hi! My name is Sophie Fitzgerald and I am a freshman studying elementary education. I am from Bloomington, so ISU is very familiar to me. What lead me to this position and to tri delta in general is the fact that our chapter is filled with such amazing women who push to go above and beyond. I have been fortunate to stand beside these ladies, and I have learned that I desire to just the same as they have. Here’s to another year filled with success and memories!

Jenna Gillespie

Director of Facility Operations

I am a freshman from Libertyville, IL and majoring in Elementary Education. I plan to incorporate a Dance Education minor as well. I knew early on in recruitment that Tri Delta is the real deal, so I wanted to get involved right away. These amazing ladies encouraged and inspired me to participate in leadership and contribute to the already amazing sisterhood that exists here within our chapter!

Delanie Breese

Director of Recruitment Events

I am originally from Canton, IL but currently residing here in Normal to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Education. My crafty side led me to believe I would enjoy Recruitment Events Director. I would like to keep a positive rise in our numbers for new members and be the best experience for all!

Hannah Grawe

Director of Ceremonies and Rituals

My name is Hannah Grawe and I am from Arlington Heights, Illinois. I am a sophomore Mass Media and Communications major. I have always been interested in our chapters rituals and how we continue to carry out our past traditions and values. I wanted to be involved with our chapters ceremonies and rituals to be able to continue to inform my sisters and peers of Tri Deltas values and rituals. Our rituals make up our chapter and I couldn't be more excited to take on this very important role.

Emmerson Wolfe

Director of Member Selection

I am from Dunlap, Illinois and I'm a Secondary English Education major. I worked on the reference team during recruitment this past fall, and I am looking forward to doing it again. Seeing the other side of recruitment, and just how much goes into it is so interesting. I am very excited to help guide our members through the logistics of recruitment, and to help bring some amazing women into our chapter.

Paige Landry

Director of Member Finances

My name is Paige landry, I am from Libertyville Illinois. I have two younger siblings and two energetic dogs. I am a Communications Sciences and Disorders major studying to be a speech therapist. This position allows me to work with finances, which have always been an interest of mine. I am also excited to work closely with members of the sorority and other officers to make this year better for everyone involved.

Sophia Buccieri

Chairmen of Open Meeting Programming

Jordan Carroll

Chairman of Academic Innovation

Olivia Muir

Music Chairmen

Claire Mierzwa

Chairman of Social Events Planning and Logistics

Katelyn Obuchowski

Chairman of External Social Events

Grace Luporini

Chairman of Community Service

Tessa Matthews

Chairman of External Philanthropy

Amanda Parus

Chairman of Philanthropy Planning and Logistics

Beth Gryl

Licensing Chairman

Macy Waller

Banner Chairman

Melissa Blaber

Photography Chair

Amanda Gosswein

Photography Chair

Morgan Mckee

Social Media Development Chairman

Laiken Heavner

Social Media Development Chairman

Savannah Smith

Matching Chairman

Abby Bartel

Matching Chairman

Tara Logan

Chairman of Bid Day

Emily Pappas

Chairman of Bid Day Logistics

Maddy Kornatowski

Chairman of New Member Involvement

Natalia Ellebracht

Chairman of Educational Support

Kristin Smetana

Chairman of Sisterhood Events

Juliana Mininni

Chairman Sisterhood Event Logistics